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The following Testimonials are from Parents of children who left our setting in July 2018

Initially we were attracted to the nursery due to its rich environment and the obvious skills and knowledge of the teaching staff and we have not been disappointed. Our daughter has progressed in confidence and all areas of her development. She will be sad to leave nursery and I would thoroughly recommend Horsham Nursery. We have been particularly impressed with how the staff have encouraged nurtured and supported our daughter to be independent, try new things and continue to develop skills in all areas of her learning in a dynamic and fun way! She has particularly enjoyed the themed weeks, bringing back things she has made, going on outings and trips to the woods.


My daughter had a great year here after moving into the area aged 3.5. She gained social skills, a small group of friends, and became confident in a large setting a lot like primary school will be. The nursery made an effort to involve me as a parent and I was glad to help out where I could with supervising trips and coming in for creative week and healthy bodies week. This family link is important and makes the children feel part of a wider community. The two clear advantages to this setting over all the others I've seen are a very experienced team of staff and a great purpose-built space with a fabulous garden. Thanks for everything, Horsham Nursery!


 All the staff are really friendly and welcoming when you enter the setting. The layout, space and appearance of the nursery is outstanding and I love the outside area. My child enjoys being outside and says lots of great things about the outdoor area. The fact that you often visit the woods and have educational visits throughout the year is a real bonus, my child has really enjoyed them and gained a lot from them! My child will miss this Nursery and so will I, because nurseries like this one are, unfortunately, hard to find.


My daughter has absolutely thrived during her time at Horsham Nursery. She has gained in confidence, built strong friendships and come on in leaps and bounds academically. Horsham Nursery have supported her emotional development as well as her academic abilities and I’m very grateful for all the hard work the friendly and dedicated staff put in every day with all the children under their care.


I have been really impressed with the independence installed from the beginning. Children have to report to their key worker, place their name on a board and select a book to take home. They are encouraged to dress themselves, go to the bathroom unaided and get a snack / drink if they choose. I think it prepares them really well for primary school where they will be expected to be independent.


My son absolutely flourished in this environment, his confidence grew instantly. He built close connections with the staff and other children and I noticed week on week his communication skills and vocabulary were leaping ahead. The staff were very gentle with his settling in which worked perfectly for us. He had never been in any form of childcare before starting in the Over 3’s and the soft start meant that we never had a single day of crying at the door. He will run and and barely look back to shout bye. His imagination was encouraged and he was able to learn through media of his choice. He has been so happy at nursery and even in the holidays he would ask he if could go.


HNS is a great nursery, my child has absolutely loved her time here and will be so sad to leave. Her confidence has grown so much and she has become so independent with the skills she has learnt. The staff are brilliant with the kids and parents also. I always felt i could talk to them if i had any concerns regarding my child. There is so much for the kids to do both inside and outside in the huge garden. Its a really lovely nursery and would highly recommend.


Keeping children safe

Putting sun cream on those who stay all day is good. Environment looks safe and adults are keeping an eye on the children rather than having a chat to each other.


The physical environment is excellent. Staff are kind and friendly and our daughter has always felt safe and confident at nursery and looks for comfort from key members of staff when upset.


Learning and progress

Staff are very committed to supporting the children and have really supported our daughter in all aspects of learning in a fun and friendly way. Her key worker listened to our views on areas of development for A and incorporated this into her learning plan and gave specific feedback to us each term. They recognised our child as able and continued to stretch and challenge her to add value rather than to reach minimum standards.


My son joined the nursery from being solely with me and I had concerns regarding his social and communication skills but he flourished in this environment, we never had a single day of tears with me leaving and within just a few weeks his speech and language exploded. He loved his key carer Janet as much as a family member and he made amazing connections with adults and children alike.


My child is very independent since joining HNS. Her speech is great and she writes her name. She is recognising numbers and letters. She has learnt lots of skills to make her ready for her transition to school and is excited for the change due to this.